Mass Tort and Complex Litigation

Our firm’s goal is always to protect the integrity of a client’s reputation.  Our lawyers have experience in defending mass tort cases and complex litigation.  We have primarily served as regional and local counsel in handling the day to day chores in mass tort work; but in complex litigation we have served as both lead and local counsel.  We strive to provide ongoing, seamless communication with our clients and national counsel to maximize our efficiencies in the defense of either the mass tort or complex litigation.  At the earliest possible stages of the litigation, we discuss with the client, litigation minimization and cost saving strategies.  By providing early case analysis, post incident assessment and possible outcomes of the litigation we develop plans with in-house counsel, insurance carriers, and lead counsel for what will be seamless communication of a joint strategy.  This planning becomes an effective case management tool that maximizes our client’s strategy and our own efficiency.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in organizing, preparing and executing all aspects of a mass tort or complex litigation defense.  Protecting our clients and minimizing the risks for our clients is where we excel.