Florida and Ohio Law

A member of the firm, Nicholas J, Cron, is licensed in both Ohio and Florida and provides advice and counsel to our Florida and Ohio clients. The differences in the laws between Ohio and Florida can be significant, although not insurmountable. Individuals and their Florida/Ohio attorneys may not have the overall knowledge of the laws of both states necessary to address all the issues that may be in question.

An approach to a problem that may be perfectly legitimate and proper under the laws of one state may be in conflict with the laws of the other state. A licensed Ohio attorney for thirty years and licensed in Florida since 1999, Mr. Cron brings a problem-solving approach to these issues with knowledge of the laws of both states.

An attorney who is qualified and experienced in the laws of both states may help to reduce the cost and time involved in achieving the correct result for the client. Our practice in this area focuses on real estate, business formation, probate and estate planning.