This year for Christmas, the firm adopted a family through one of the many excellent charitable organizations in the Metropolitan Toledo area.  We do so, in part, because Christmas is about giving and there are many less fortunate than ourselves for who gifts are much less obtainable.  The vast majority of the entire office has become involved in providing a gift of one sort or another.  There is no emphasis on size or amount of giving or for who it is aimed.  I did note that the youngest daughter in the family seemed to be the primary recipient.  Last week, the gifts were picked up by the organization to be delivered to the family in time for the holidays.

In the December 14th Wall Street Journal, there is an article that the government is presently discussing the possibility of limiting in some manner the tax deductibility of charitable giving.  The article suggests that this is causing many to move up their giving to this year to avoid the potential limitations next year.  To the vast amount of people, I know giving is not aimed at getting a tax deduction.  (I may simply not move in those circles.)  Giving is about something personal and demonstrated much more often this time of year.  When you see the volunteer ringing the bell, the Old Newsboys out in the street, the food pantries loading up the meals, it offers all of us something personal that we can feel good about.

This year as you get ready for the holidays, consider others less fortunate.  Whether it be a simple smile when you are interacting with the clerks in the stores, (or anyone behind the counters) aiding the neighbor as they string the lights outside, or making a contribution to those in need, Christmas is about giving.